Monday, April 28, 1947

118th day- 247 days follow

Fair, Cold, Windy

Roger was worse again today and had Dr. Eastwood.  She says he has tonsillitis.

Painted the pool today.

Fred Moon was up on the hill, so was the carpenter.

Jubbie worked down the drive.

Ski bought an old skate from Clint Wood and she brought the darn thing home and put it in my tool shed and shoved all my things up in a heap.  Now I can’t even get in there to do anything or find anything.

Russ Snow came up and got Archie and I to help him move a refrigerator from the barn up to the house.

Then Archie drove me over to take a basket to Bill Whiting from the M.A.S.

Thel and Cozette set up all night with Roger.

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