Saturday, May 24, 1947

144th day- 221 days follow

(Site dig)

Fair + Warm

The folks came up on the hill last night.

This morning Mrs. H. took me down to the Yacht Club and planted the flower beds.  I got home just as Bill came up to take me out to the new dig.

There was six of us digging and Addrian Whiting was the top man.  He got two arrowheads one a beauty.  I dug out a full square and found one good side notched base, one crude quartz triangular point, and one piece of a pot rim.

On the east side of my square I uncovered part of a hearth.  The rest of it is under the square to the east of it.  On the west of the square, I dug out half a pit the other half is over under Bill’s square.  I held nothing but ashes at the bottom.

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