February 11 Thursday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

South wind and warm, 62.

Trimmed up some wood this morning.

Pruned the wisteria after dinner.

Started to rain about 2:30.

Stopped in to see Vick. Eric was asleep.

Ski went over to Vick’s today.

I wrote a letter to Mrs. Hornblower.

Got a letter from Dave today. He said Dottie is still hanging on, her mother is there now.

Dave says the Co. are planning to build larger and better skyfarers [?]** after the war is over.

Wrote a letter to Bob tonight.

Eleanor and Ski went over to Vicks while she and Walder went to Black and White.*

All the commentators are talking about the speech Winston Churchill made yesterday.

Saw a fellow down around the beach club looking for places to set traps.

“Take all swift advantage of the hours.” Shakespeare


*Sometimes, these journal entries aligned with my own memories. I remember my grandparents going to Back and White Club when I was a child. My mother (Anne Verre) has two painting of my father (Steven Verre) in her living room that were done when he offered to sit as a model for the Club. It’s amazing to me, these tiny reminders in these pages that let me know these people are a part of my own history.


**note from Conrad Covell

I’m fairly sure David worked for this Co. It evolved from M.I.T.  I remember when I was about 14 I was at Uncle Jesse house and David and Dot stopped in to see us.  David had a model of a low wing plane with tricycle landing gear. ( I was 14 and had built just about every WWII airplane out of balsa wood.) If I am wrong about anything I say, please correct me, I  am going on a weak memory about something that happened 60 years ago.

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