April 27 Tuesday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and cool wind No…So.

Went over to the store and got some grass seed and came back to the hill and sowed in some patches.

Turned on the outside water today.

Dup some dog grass out of the garden. Stopped in to see Eric on my way home from work.

Percy came over tonight ad beat me three out of five at cribbage.

Thel has gone out to her club.

Eleanor and Betty have gone to see the movies.

Ski has gone up to Wanette’s to take care of the kids.

Saw a pewee on Jennie Finney’s house.

Walder’s Aunt was visiting him today.

“Everyone has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases.” Jeremy Collier

3 Replies to “April 27 Tuesday, 1943”

  1. Talked to Aunt Jessie Brewer Smith yesterday. She is in her 90’s and enjoying the diary posts. She is the only one of Grampa Brewer’s children still living. She told me that the Betty referred to in his diary is NOT Betty Covell. It is a women who worked at “Carl’s” restaurant in Manomet. Gram took her in for the summer because she was homeless. The other thing she wants readers to know: Grampa called his daughter, Jessie, “Ski” …. he also named the property on the pond SkiBo which he told us means Red Squirrel.

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  2. All is well in FL …. headed to VA next week to celebrate our son’s 50th birthday. Package being sent to out on Monday to Enfield NH address?! You may have all these treasures in your possession but wanted to be sure! Thanks for all you do. By the way Aunt Jessie said when she thinks about her “happy place”, it is always about the house she grew up in with her family!

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