December 9 Thursday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and mild, wind SoW.

Thel took me up to the golf links. Met Carl there about 8 AM, nothing doing around there.

Then we went up to liggets. Brewster shout a 10 point buck there.

We left there about noon and went down towards Wareham. The cut across thru the Ware bogs to Head of the Bay road, here we found the tracks of a Buck and a doe. The buck tracks were the largest I ever saw.

We stayed around there for a couple of hours then back towards Long pond.

Here we met the old gang from Waltham so we hunted with them till most dark.

Thel went to Brockton, I got a letter from Dave today.

Saw in the Old Colony Bob is home.

“Want of desire is the greatest riches.” Vigee

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