Friday, Feb. 11, 1944

42nd day – 324 days follow

22           Snow

Snowing a little when I got up and kept snowing all day.

This afternoon I went around the route with Thel this afternoon and it was tough going.

Eleanor put Thel’s car down in Ira Ward’s shed.

Rusty Bounds and the Minister came down and brought Eleanor’s car and took it off.

Got a request from Fred Johnson a few days ago to make and send him some diagrams to be published. I am working on it now.

We had a very fine letter from the Finneys thanking us for what we did for Grandma Finney.

The seeds have come from Brock’s for the hill.

Bill told me he had sent in an article to Doug and it will be published in our Bulletin. It is on the groups of rubbing stones he found at the Nook Farms.

Sure was great to spend a whole day with Bill fishing for he is swell company and a grand guy. We get along well.

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