Saturday, March 4, 1944

64th day – 302 days follow

22           Fair Cold

Went up on the hill this morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Hornblower are there.

Thel is still feeling punk.

Our M.A. Bulletin has been due for some time, hope it arrives soon.

Picked 22 tent caterpillar nests off of my apple trees.

Got a long distance phone call from Harrisburg, Penn. It was Eleanor. Just took her 12 hours from Boston, she called at 2-30 PM.

After dinner I went to town with Pic, Walder, and Eric. Pic and I went in to the Memorial Building and voted. Met Dr. Reed there and had a very interesting talk with him about Archeology.

On the way back as far as Jordan’s Hardware, got some fish hooks and flashlight batteries.

Came back as far as Walders and he and I played three games of crib. I won 2 games, he one.

Went up on the hill had some trouble in Martha’s bathroom.

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