Sunday, March 5, 1944

64th day – 302 days follow

35           Fair

Went up on the hill and did up the chores, then walked over to the Avenue and around by the sand bank. There I took a check up on just where the axe came out of the sand bank as I hope to keep tabs on that spot in the future. Saw three ducks, and two gulls in the river, and five crows up by Coot Hathaway.

Gave the plowed land behind Arthur Woods the once over. I found one broken bit.

Came along to the store and picked up some groceries.

Saw Chick Howland and Geo Finney. Stopped in to see Redo.

Archie came over a few minutes, while he was here a grass fire got away from Gene Houlton and burned down into the marsh.

Fannie came over with Roger a few minutes.

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