Monday, March 6, 1944

64th day – 302 days follow

12           Fair

Lost pocketbook

When I went to bed last night I missed my change pocket book and I remembered leaving it on the counter in Jordan Hardware where I bought some fish hooks.

Called up the hardware this morning, they hadn’t found my pocket book so I think some customer did.

Mrs Hornblower went down on the Cape to visit some house her brother Dick has acquired.

Cleaned up Mrs. H’s saddle and bridle.

After work I took a walk around where I went Sunday just on a chance I might find my pocket book.

Had Redo up to fix some faucet washer in the pantry and in Martha’s bathroom.

Several blue jays on the hill.

The harbor is frozen over again and so is the river. I had hoped they were open for the summer.

Al Holman is chopping wood over Middleboro some place.

Expect to hear from Eleanor tomorrow.

John Morton dropped dead at home in his bathroom a few minutes after 10 PM tonight.

Particulars on following page.

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