Tuesday, March 7, 1944

67th day – 299 days follow

45           Rain

John Morton

Wind south for a change and rain.

Thel called up Cozette a little after 10-PM last night. Tillie said she and Cozette and Phil Covell had just got in from John Morton’s.

Mrs. Morton had run over after Archie as she was afraid John had dropped dead, so they went over and he was in the bathroom on the floor.

They couldn’t locate any Dr. so the P.F.B. came up with the pullmotor, was no use.

Finally Dr. Dubie came and looked things over and a short time after Roy Beaman’s body wagon came and got John.

Mrs. H was on the hill this morning. She gave me a box of 12 gage ball cartridges she got yesterday down in Orleans.

Thel and Ski sent Davene her birthday present.

The Bulletin came today and I was pleased to see the paper I wrote, and the one Bill wrote both published in it.

Bill called me up tonight to talk about the Bulletin, he is quite happy about it.

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