Wednesday, March 8, 1944

68th day – 298 days follow

40           Fair

John Morton, M.S.G., Ann Dapper

So far this winter there have been three deaths on Cliff St, all on the east end, and in adjacent homes.

Thel found my pocket book, it had dropped out of my pocket when I hung up my pants.

Raked rubbish all day, lots of mus.

Nona and Barbie were here today.

John Morton was buried this afternoon. There was no burial service at the grave and not a single car stopped to see him buried. That is a new one on me.

Went over to the Armory tonight and the whole Co. went up to Earl’s at Manomet for our second Anniversary supper.

The supper was fine, turkey and plenty of it.

There was a two hour floor show after the speakers were through. Each entertainer gave two performances and the strip tease dancer got drunk after her first act and she collapsed on the floor when she started her second act.

I rode up and back with Bill Avery.

On the whole, we all had a pretty good time.

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