Saturday, March 11, 1944

71st day – 295 days follow

32           Fair

Saw Mrs. H, Mary, Nellie, and Geo Crowell. Martha was there but I didn’t see her.

Thel and Ski worked this afternoon.

This noon I had a letter from Mrs. Howe of Holyoke telling me that she liked my article in the Bulletin very much.

After dinner, Bill Whiting came up, he had a letter or me to read that he is going to send to Maurice Robbins of Attleboro.

We took a ride up to the Aaron Sampson from at So. Pond and hunted there and found but a trail of four deer that had walked across.

From there we went by Long Pond over to the sheep farm and hunted there. Bill found two poor points and a corner of a beauty, saw three pheasants on the main road.

Went down by Codman’s to the shore, hunted there, saw nine quail.

From there we went over to Savery’s Pond, I found small white quartz arrow, stemmed triangular.

Eddie Hathaway came in a few minutes while we were eating dinner.

Ski went to choir rehearsal.

Chet Downy has joined the Navy and I am glad as that is what he wanted.

Thel and I are still tied at cribbage.

Saw six crows on the Myers ridge pole.

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