Sunday, March 12, 1944

71st day – 295 days follow

45           Fair

Fair today and the wind is South.

Saw Mr. H on the hill this morning, he told me Sassi is up at Withington’s and we saw Mr. W, he said Sassi had a shock yesterday afternoon.

H wanted me to try look up a man for him, so I told him about Charlie Fraser. I went in to see Charlie when he came home from town.

Mr. W came in to see Charlie while I was there.

Saw two red tailed hawks up by the W.d.

This afternoon we and all of the Hathaway family went down to the camp.

The frost was almost out of the road so it wasn’t very muddy.

The pond is lower than I have ever seen it in the spring of the year, I walked from my camp to Archie’s camp along the edge of the pond without wetting my feet.

Came home and closed up the house on the hill.

Jubbie came over and played crib with Thel.

Ski went to fellowship.

Note: the next few entries have days and dates crossed out and replaced. I’m going by the handwritten date.

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