Monday, March 13, 1944

72nd day – 294 days follow

40           Rain

Wind So. and the hardest steady rain we have had yet.

Eleanor and George walked in on Thel this morning, they had just got in from Harrisburg, Penn.

There is a regular river running down thru the valley.

I heard that Fred Richards had a shock up at John Nickersons. Margaret at a camp.

This rain should take the frost out of the ground for good, at least I hope so.

Stopped in to see Pic on my way home from the hill, she is still at home.

George and Eleanor came home this afternoon. Eleanor cooked supper and we all had supper together.

After supper, Thel, Ski, and I went to the movies, it was a technicolor picture of the Marines capturing one of the So. Pacific islands from the Japs.

Rather horrible for women to watch, but I hope such pictures knock some of the apathy and self interest out of some that see them.

Heavy fog tonight after an all day hard rain.

I hear that a fellow by the name of Clark of Kingston has bought the Hebard house on Warren Ave.

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