Tuesday, April 11, 1944

102nd day – 264 days follow

50        Fair


Burned up the termite rubbish, saw a bunch of swallows and a pair of doves.

There was a fire in Bramhalls house in the room that he had a lot of antiques and old records.

My seeds arrived from Burpee today.

Raked up the rubbish on the pool garden this afternoon.

Chet Downey came up to see me and he told me that at the mill they had offered him .80 per hour.

Ski and Jenette Covell went up to the Church to clean up.

Thel and Eleanor have gone over tot town to Pythian Sisters.

Junior Stefani stopped in to see if we had heard from Geo this week.

Thel and Eleanor got home from town in a rain storm.

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