Wednesday, April 12, 1944

102nd day – 264 days follow

42        Rain

Susan Crowell age 90

Cleaned up rubbish this morning, went over and saw Treglown, he said he was paying the help over $30.00 a week.

Cleaned up my workshop during the heavy rain this afternoon.

On the way home I stopped in to see the Engstroms, they are O.K.

Silver ran away this morning and Thel put in a couple of hours and didn’t find him, but this afternoon when they went up around on the road they found him up at Snyders where he used to live.

After supper Thel and the Hathaways went to town to Grandma Crowell’s 90 birthday party.

I went over to Walder and he worked out my income tax for me.

Saw a grey squirrel up at the hill and was glad for last fall Harry Hornblower shot one and I saw the tail on one tacked up on Hebards hen house, and was afraid they were cleaned out.

Ought to be a $100 fine for shooting grey squirrels around here.

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