Thursday, April 13, 1944

104th day – 262 days follow

45        Fair

Dug out the soil where the new steps are to go in.

Saw quite a lot of juncos and swallows.

Jo Mantis is plowing H.H. garden, hope he gets around to mine soon.

I heard Chet Downey has been put in a class Lx.F. in the draft.

Fired up a cold frame for flower seeds. Planted some lox.

After work I rode my wheel around by the store and got some nasturtiums and some grass seed.

Thel had a bit of company today, she had Ruth Finney, Victoria, and Eric and Ethel Swift.

Eleanor, Ski, and I went over to Pioppies and had a steam clam supper.

Then we brought Eleanor’s dog home and went back to the pictures.

Thel had a bunch of the Community Club in to supper, they were here when we got back home.

Ethel Phillips had a bracelet made of farthings her husband sent her from England.

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