Friday, April 14, 1944

105th day – 261 days follow


Income Tax $33.04

Got the house ready for the folks and then worked on the flower beds all day.

Bill Whiting called me up at noon and said he had found a new camp site in back of Frank Holman’s house and wanted me to come over and see it, so I rode my wheel over after I got thru work, met Bill at the trout pond and we walked over to the site, he had dug a lot this morning and found only deer bone and flakes.

He and I dug about 1 ½ hours and Bill didn’t get a thing. I found two fair lane type arrowheads, one of green slate, the other grey quartzite.

There was only about four inches of shell over sandy gravel. On the whole I think it is just a small deposit.

Eleanor’s dog has beat it again. Eleanor is looking for him now.

THel and Eleanor went up to Snyder’s looking for the dog but didn’t find him.

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