Friday, April 21, 1944

112th day – 254 days follow

44        Rain

Old Colony


I saw a pair of crows building a nest in the same place they had a nest two years ago.

Saw a fly catcher over at Walders.

Stopped in to see Eric, he is fine.

Thel and Ski worked today.

Stopped in to see Eric and to let Pic read David’s letter.

When I got home I finished putting the hen dressing on the garden.

Thel and Cozette went up to the hospital to see Nona.

Geo Holmans family are going to stay up at Ed Holmans while Geo is in the service.

Geo. Steff, and Eleanor were in here at 5 PM.

Ski and Ireine Rounds have gone to New Bedford to attend a bible school. Bertha Lee went too.

Almost finished up top dressing the flower beds.

Found an arrowhead in my own garden.

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