Sunday, April 30, 1944

121st day ā€“ 245 days follow

65        Fair

Went up on the hill this morning and saw Mrs. Hornblower.

Came home and Thel, Ski, Eleanor, Barbra, and I went in one car and the Roundses and Mr. McGee came down the pond is quite high now.

We did a lot of horseshoe playing. I lost one game to Mr. McGee, but won in all the doubles. The last game he and I played I won 21 to 1.

We had a wonderful lobster dinner and all enjoyed it.

The Rounds have a cute dog, he and silver had a fine time.

The folks went back to Boston.

Found a very large dead roach on the beach at the point.

2 Replies to “Sunday, April 30, 1944”

    1. You are so kind to check on me! We are all fine here, just still trying to find some kind of balance between work and family and projects like this. Hope all is well with you!

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