Monday, May 1, 1944

122nd day – 244 days follow

60        Fair


John Finney was up n the hill to see me this morning. First time I have seen him since he got back from Florida.

Planted ten rows of beans on the hill and tried a new scheme by planting glads with them

Planted two rows of beets.

Thel and Cozette came up on the hill this afternoon.

After I got home from work I made a pair of stilts for Barby.

After supper I planted a row of lima beans and a row of soyer beans.

Put up a pole with a bird house on it. I hope I get the pair of bluebirds that are hanging around.

Heard a flock of geese tonight, down by the beach. Bert Boutin called Thel up tonight and offered her $35.00 a week to cook over at the beach.

Nona is still up at her mothers.

Radio predicts a frost tonight.

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