Tuesday, May 2, 1944

123rd day – 243 days follow

55        Partly Cloudy

The swallows have taken over the bird house I put up yesterday.

Thel, Cozette, and Helen Covell were up on the hill cleaning house, they left at 3-45 P.M. to go over to the store. Ski called Thel up and said that Evelyn is sick.

I stopped in to Pic and Eric, they are fine.

Pic said that Arnice got a postal from her husband that he had been taken off the boat he was to sail on, an hour before it sailed.

Mowed the lawns and picked out 200 white petunia seedlings.

The crows were making quite a fuss near their nest.

Ski is 17 years old today.

Silver seems to have made up his mind that this is his home, he doesn’t seem to want to run up to Whipples anymore.

Jubbie got some herring up at the Falls tonight.

Wrote a letter to Dave.

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