Wednesday, May 3, 1944

123rd day – 243 days follow

65        Fair

Worked in the flower garden all day.

The little house wren got back today and started right in cleaning house.

The girls were up to the hill cleaning.

Redo came up and put new washers in the faucets in Martha’s bathroom.

When I got home tonight, Pic and her two children were here.

Rode over to the Armory with Eleanor and the kids. They went to the pictures and I went to drill.

We marched upon to Alerton St. and had instructions in how to set up a pup tent.

Walked back to the pictures and rode home with the kids.

Thel went up to Madeleine’s to their club meeting.

Saw two Male Flickers and one female on the same bush, the two males were doing all kinds of comical antics for the female benefit.

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