Thursday, May 4, 1944

124th day – 242 days follow

80        Warm

Gas fire

Two new corners on the hill this morning.

The catbirds and Towhees are back again.

Charlie Fraser came up this morning and said he was too sick to work this week.

Saw Mr. Dutton going over to the store.

Thel saw two rabbits on the front drive.

Hope to do some planting tonight.

This afternoon Bill Whiting came up on the hill, he had been up to Haden’s Mill to see if he was having a good run of herring, he told me I could take all that I wanted of them.

When he started to leave his car wouldn’t go so he called up one of his men at the trout pond. He came up with the truck and found the fuel pump wouldn’t work, so he drew off almost a quart of gas from the truck and told Bill to start the motor, Bill did, the car backfired up thru the carburetor, fireing the gas in the can in his hand. He jumped back, splashing the gas all over the front of himself and at the same time throwing what was in the can over my legs. I made a dive for the ground and rolled the fire out, he put his fire out with his hands, got them burned some.

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