Saturday, May 6, 1944

127th day – 239 days follow

75        Fair and foggy

Peach tree

The folks are all down on the hill.

Planting potatoes and dug some hills for vines.

Thel and Ski are working up at the store.

The minister borrowed Ski’s bike for the day.

The wind turned east this morning and it is much cooler than it was yesterday.

Saw Charlie Fraser, he is feeling a little better today.

My little peach tree at the foot of the garden is in bloom for the first time, hope I can think to check when the peaches ripen.

We are all waiting for D.Day even Hitler.

Heard just what the trouble with Dot Holton’s mother. (Cucco)

Pic and Walder came over thru the field and I went back with them and stayed a couple of hours.

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