Sunday, May 7, 1944

128th day – 238 days follow

75        Fair

Planted some cucumbers, watermelons, and musk melons and spaded up some more of the garden.

After dinner Thel and I went over and picked up May and Toot and we all went up to Island Pond, and we spent the afternoon. Toot and I went out on the pond and I got a bte frm one swell pickerel and lost him.

When we came back I went on the hill and closed up the place.

Thel has gone over to Cozette’s to a meeting of the kids Fellowship.

Saw Edward and his father Bert Griffin, they were up at their cottage.

The last time I saw Edward was several years ago at Brockton Fair.

Saw a chicken hawk a couple of times today, they have killed a lot of birds, from the signs I have found where they were caught.

There doesn’t seem to be as many chipmunks this year as usual.

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