Monday, May 8, 1944

129th day – 237 days follow

75        Fair

Lucky the kitten we found abandoned in the two years ago had two kittens of her own.

Wheel several wheelbarrows of loam on to the flower garden.

Cleaned the outside of the upstairs windows.

Stopped in to Pic and the boys, Eric was over at our house.

After supper, Barbie and I planted the last of my potatoes.

Percy was planted in his family garden tonight.

The […] fire trucks went to a fire tonight up Manomet.

Barby and Johnny are going home tomorrow.

Nona went home today from Ed Holamns.

Johnnie has been over to Cozette’s for five months.

Made a job of the upstairs windows and put on some of the screens.

Ernest Peter’s wife called me up at 9-10 PM and said Finney’s truck was going up on the hill with the freezing unit. I got up there just in time to hear them going down the front drive.

Stopped in to see Walder and Pic on the way home, stayed there till 10-50 PM.

Put the porch screens on today.

There was a rabbit in the flower garden this morning.

One Reply to “Monday, May 8, 1944”

  1. I think Percy was “planting” in his garden..not planted…although it’s a great place as a final resting place!
    The forest fire trucks went to Manomet..probably included brush breakers.


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