Tuesday, May 9, 1944

130th day – 236 days follow

75        Fair

The freezing unit came this morning and I set it up in the barn cellar.

Mowed lawns.

This afternoon I went over to see Steve and got some tomato plants.

After work I rode my wheel around by the beach and saw John O’Brian and he said he would be over on the hill and find the short circuit. and connect up the freezing unit.

Then I rode over to the sand band and gave it a look over and found nothing.

Stopped on the bridge, there was three boys there they said that red and white perch are biting.

The orioles got back up on the hill this morning.

Stopped in to see Fred Moon but he wasn’t home.

Silver ran off again up to Whipples and the folks had to go up after him.

After supper I worked in the garden till dark, mulched the patch I planted with potatoes.

Barby went home today, she was here about a month.

The shad bushes are in full bloom now, as are violets.

Saw the red squirrel down by my shanty.

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