Wednesday, May 10, 1944

131st day – 235 days follow

70        Fair

Cleaned windows and mowed lawns.

When I was coming home after work I found Martin and a friend were painting the fence.

I went back up to the house and got the sign blueprint. He said he would have a sign made up.

Charlie Holman’s wife had a son up at the hospital.

The mourning doves are sure making a heck of a lot of racket up around the hill.

After supper I went over to town to the Armory to drill, we were issued rifles tonight, and spent most of the evening cleaning the grease off them.

We also were issued gas masks, shelter halfs, tents, poles, and pegs.

Came home on the bus.

Saw a robin giving a red squirrel a good beating in back of my shanty near the robin nest.

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