Friday, May 12, 1944

133rd day – 233 days follow

70        Fair

I saw the hummingbird this morning on the limb that she had her nest on last summer.

Watered the flower gardens for the first time this year.

The women worked this morning.

Mowed lawns and had to rake up the clippings.

John O’Brian was up after dinner and wired up the freezing unit in the barn cellar.

Mrs. Hornblower and Martha stopped on their way to Martha’s Vineyard.

After supper I worked in my onion patch and then Eleanor and I went up to Bill’s herring trap, two of the Fry girls were slitting herrings and taking only the rowes, they were throwing the fish all over the place in the water and both sides of the river bank. I got about three dozen hard rows.

Ski went up to the corner and played baseball.

Thel went over to Wanetta’s to Bible class.

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