Monday June 26, 1944

175th day – 189 days follow

70        Cloudy – showers

Rocky Nook


Mowed lawns this morning

After dinner I picked a little over a peck of peas.

Bill Whiting came up and we went out to Rocky Nook and find that the whole point that was has been bought by the same development Co. that has the Stones Property, we met them out there and they gave us permission to dig as much as we wished.

When we first got there I picked up half of what I assume to be an effigee stone, the piece I found has raised ridges at the center running around the middle of the body and two raised nipples one at each end, what a find if it had been whole.

After supper, Thel gave me a ride up on the hill.

When Bill and I were digging I got a tooth, I brought it home and checked up in Willabee’s book and found it is a bear’s tooth, a front one.

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