Thursday, July 20, 1944

202nd day – 164 days follow

73 Fair


Looked as if we might get a shower this morning but nothing happened. Watered, weeded and trimmed all day.

Thel and Cozette went down to the camp for a couple of days.

May called me up and said Toot is up at the hospital, it seems that this morning he had a fall from a ladder and seems to be quite badly hurt, he is up in the hospital and has been x rayed so they expect to know more about his case soon.

We had some more corn tonight.

I took a walk over to Walders and he and I played cribbage, he won.

I took them over some sweet corn.

Walder said Hugh Marrity has bought the Ellis house across from Ed Holmans.

There was an attempt to assassinate Hitler by members of his own people.

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