Wednesday, July 19, 1944

201st day – 165 days follow

73 Fair

I found a tiny robin by my shanty Monday, something had killed and eaten part of it and I wondered what was responsible.

Today I found out, it was a red squirrel, he was after another young robin and the two old birds was giving it a good beating. I found the robin’s nest and there was only one young one left, so the squirrel had probably got at least three.

Charlie Fraser told me that they have heard no more from Jerry, so we assume he is still alive.

Sw Bud and Prisicilla for only a few minutes.

Went to Drill tonight and the fellows that were going to camp had to go into the office and get their jobs.

Went out in back of the memorial Hall and did some drill, from there we marched along water St up Lothrup and back along Court.

Rode up as far as J.B Corner with Mr Edlridge.

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