Wednesday, July 26, 1944

208th day – 158 days follow



When I got home this noon I found that Toot has been taken to Boston to be operated on.

Thel is going up this afternoon to take up some men to help the blood bank, to pay for Toot’s transfusion.

Eleanor got two letters from George.

I went over to drill tonight and the Co. took two of their shots in the arm.

We went out to drill in back of the Memorial Building.

I had to see the C.O. about not being able to go to camp.

Eldridge gave me a ride as far as Jabez Corner.

Ski went to the pictures tonight.

Eddie Hathaway is home, he is up at Camp Miles Standish Taunton Mass.

Dave, Emil Bernstein, and Jumbo Dreese went up with Thel to give blood for Toot.

The nurse told Thel Toot will be operated upon at 7 AM tomorrow morning.

Mrs. Fraser got a letter from Gerry Fraser and he told her he is coming along fine.

Saw Ethel Haire at Jabez Corner, she said her husband expected to be in France soon.

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