Sunday, Aug. 6, 1944

219th day – 147 days follow



They stayed at the camp and I took a basket to pick blueberries over where Archie and I got so many last summer.

Left the boat at the green turtle and walked over to the berrying ground (Blue) tracked an otter in a woods road.

There were no blueberries at all to pick so I took a walk over to the site that Bill Whiting and I dug, found one fair white arrowhead down by the edge of Haskils bog.

When I came back Thel and I tried the fishing, she hooked four small bass all too small to keep.

There was one of the cottagers got a four and half pound bass last night.

The Hathaways came about 3-PM and Archie, Jubbie and I fished a while, we had no worms so I cut up a small red perch into smaller pieces and used it for bait, we caught three good large hornpout.

Thel and the rest went home together, Archie and I went later, on the way home there was a strong of parachute flares lighting up the sea off of Manomet point.

When Archie and I got to Manomet they had gone out.

Mrs. Hornblower has left for Washington.

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