Monday, Aug. 7, 1944

220th day – 146 days follow

Cooler Cloudy

Watered all day.

THe Greenwood women are still up on the hill.

THere was a big convoy heading into the Sagamore end of the canal last night. I have a hunch it was some of the 90-SB.

Thel is going to take May and the gang up to see Toot tomorrow.

S. Zenas has been over to see Toot twice since he has been in the Boston Hospital.

Saw two woodcock fly by us down at the pont after sunset.

Quite a bunch of red squirrels up around the hill.

Pumped up my wheel and blew up the rear tire.

After supper I worked in the garden till 8-30 PM. harvesting my onions. Archie was over and he pulled up some weeds.

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