Tuesday, Aug. 8, 1944

221st day – 145 days follow

Cool Fair

David Engstrom Vaccinated

Cleaned the rugs today and mowed lawns.

Stopped in to see Eric and David on my way home from work. They are fine. David was vaccinated this afternoon.

Thel went up to Boston again today to take May up to see Toot.

I got a nice letter from Harry Hornblower today, he expects to get up here for two weeks with his family about Aug 25 and he wants to clean out the large pit of stones at the Clark site.

I took a snapshot of a young rabbit in the flower garden.

Eleanor didn’t get any letter from George today, looks as if my hunch might be right.

Thel and I took a walk over to see Archie and Cozette for a few minutes.

Ski and Eleanor and the two dogs came over.

I dug a few potatoes and they are terrible small from being so dry.

One Reply to “Tuesday, Aug. 8, 1944”

  1. It was so serendipitous to read this on the day when I had dug a few of my potatoes…which were indeed “terrible small from being so dry,” Seems like weather wise this is a summer just like 1944…with an added pandemic rather than a war.

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