Friday, Aug. 25, 1944

238th day – 128 days follow

Fair   Cool

Went up on the hill and did the chores then came home and dressed up and packed my specimens to take up to the Peabody Museum in Cambridge.

THen we went over and picked up May and went up to Whitman and picked up Millie and then right on up to Campbridge when we got up to Harvard Square I asked a Chinese student how to get to the museum.

I and the women went in and I saw Donald Scott, he called Jo. Brew and he took me up to his quarter and I turned my stidd over to him and he was glad to have it.

We came back to Boston and at dinner then went to see Toot, he was feeling fairly well.

After visiting him we went out to Sears Roebuck and I bought a bow and six arrows.

Then we came home, dropped Millie off at Whitman and May at her home, took a run up on the hill and home.

When we got home we were having the tail end of a thunderstorm.

Eleanor ate out with her mother-in-law.

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