Saturday, Aug. 26, 1944

239th day – 127 days follow

Fair   Cool


Thelma took some bananas over to Eric.

After dinner I and Percy Finney did some shooting with my bow.

The Hathawats came back from the pond this afternoon, they said they had a fine week.

I got a letter from Henry Hornblower.

This is a beautiful fall feeling day.

Saw Geo Cromwell and Mr. H on the hill.

Dave called me up from Boston and said he will be down home tonight.

On my way up to the hill I stopped in at Genie Finney’s cottage to see Steva Engstrom, Walder’s niece, she has been sick in bed for the last two weeks.

When I got up on the hill Geo Cromwell and Mr. H were playing horseshoes.

The boss won.

I went over to town when Thel took Evelyn home, we dropped Eleanor off at Br. Beers and then we went down to the station and met Dave, Dot, and Davene, on the way back we missed Eleanor so we had to go back and we picked her up also Martha and Nora Driscoll.

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