Friday, Sept 15, 1944

259th day – 107 days follow

The men got up about 5.30 AM and about 7 AM the Motor Corp gave us hot coffee doughnuts and sandwiches.

Packard drove some of us south so we could pick up toilet articles. We were released about 9-30.

Packard gave me a ride home.

The town is full of blown down and broken off limbs and trees.

Thel drove me up on the hill. Mr H and Harry were cutting trees that had fallen across the drive.

Came home and tried to sleep, couldn’t’, so after dinner, Thel drove me down to the top of G.H. from there we walked over to 2-4 camps, then around the edge of the pond to the camp. The only real damage on the point was the big pine tree on Dave’s lot was blown down.

The two worst blow downs were at the Sheep farm and at the north end of G.H. Pond and Indian Hill Farm.

Eb Swift and Grace came in at 8.45 and stayed till 10 PM.

Ed Mantis lost the trees on his lawn.

Portice blew off the Beach Club.

Driscolls […] blew away.

Jo Manters chimney blew down.

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