Saturday, Sept 16, 1944

260th day – 106 days follow

Browne Dig


David & Eric

Mrs. H took me into the grove to see what the wind did to it and it almost made me sick to see what a mess the spruces and pines were in, the cream of the grove is destroyed.

Raked subbish off the lawn all the morning.

Took Harry down to meet Howard E and stopped at Picks and she said Eric pushed David’s carriage off the dike and it ran down into the middle of Warren Ace and then turned over spilling David onto the road in front of an auto. Luckily he wasn’t hurt.

Bill Whiting came up while I was eating dinner and he and I went over to the Brown dig.

Found three bits, one large piece of very hard, poor quality graphite, four arrow bits and a good triangle and one extra fine stemmed lancelot type, one broken beaver tooth and one large piece of graphite poor in quality and hard as stone.

One Reply to “Saturday, Sept 16, 1944”

  1. One of the family mother’s version included the fact that it was a car with a nun driving which stopped, thank goodness, when my brother was in the road. I think this was a factor which influenced my parents eventually leaving Warren Avenue and moving into Chiltonville, a flat acre of land quite a distance from the road!


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