Sunday, Sept 17, 1944

261st day – 105 days follow


Went up on the hill early and did the chores.

Thel got me over to the Armory about 7-45 AM and I got my equipment and the company took the bus for Dartmouth rifle range.

Wen went up around Assawansett Lake and in that district the hurricane damage.

We stopped at Freetown and took three white pine trees off a woman’s roof and she gave the boys a quart of whiskey.

There were four companies on the field and we did field maneuvers till 1-20 then we had dinner.

After dinner we had tommy gun practice and then rifle practice.

And ended by taking a gas mask drill. My mask worked perfectly.

We came home by way of New Bedford, Fairhaven, and Wareham.

Got home about 9 PM.

Clarkie and I walked home together and when he went in home he called up Thel and she met me the other side of J.Bs corner and took me up on the hill.

Had a little fire around our incinerator.

Forgot to say that three of the men drank up almost all of the quart.

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