Sunday, Oct. 15, 1944

289th day – 77 days follow


Went up on the hill this morning, saw Mr. and Mrs H they were on their way to Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha had two girl friends down.

Did some chores around the house this A.M.

Stopped at the store this morning and got the paper and some bread.

After dinner I went up to Ira’s pastures to see if there were any potatoes on the land after the County Farm had dug them.

They have plowed since they dug potatoes and there were none to be seen.

I found one dandy dark felsite arrowhead in Huck Davis’s garden.

Went from there over to H.H. had his garden planted with rye, no good, went over to the Sand Bank, nothing there, from there along the Hotel bluff and found nothing there.

Saw Ernest Peters in front of Berts.

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