Thursday, Dec. 21, 1944

356th day – 10 days follow

Warmer and cloudy.

Hunted around for rabbits in Genie Finnies and over in Greenoughs and saw the tracks of only two rabbits that just came out of their holes and right back in again. Apparently they haven’t started to run on the snow yet.

Walked around the road up on the hill this afternoon, saw fresh fox tracks on the front drive, followed them over onto Greenoughs, came back around the house and saw the fox come around from in back of the farm, walk up on the garage door platform and smell at the doors, then trotted towards the house and it ran around the circle up on the front Piazza and the full length over into the grove.

By the way it was what is called a sampson fox and what a ragged specimen, no brush at all, just a lot of patched of ragged fur all over. Tracked down the flock of quail, they were in the poison ivy berries in the hollow.

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