Friday, Dec. 22, 1944

357th day – 9 days follow

Fair and cold.

Took a walk down to the store and got some razor blades and tobacco.

On the way tonight I went thru Greenoughs and tracked two rabbits and saw a partridge.

Stopped in at Picks to see the kids. Eric had busted the radio.

While I was there, Ernest Peters called me and said he had some stuff to put in the barn.

Ski had to work today, She is out singing carols tonight.

Stopped in to see Cozette’s xmas tree, Fannie Holman was there.

Lots of tough news from France.

Plenty of snow on the ground.

Wonder if I will see the fox again. This is the first official day of winter.

One Reply to “Friday, Dec. 22, 1944”

  1. Oh, how I wish my brother, Eric, was still alive to read these blogs! His mishaps followed him all through life, and I think he would have enjoyed reading about them. Thanks again, Andi, for bringing the past into the present…

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