Saturday, Dec. 23, 1944

358th day – 8 days follow

Cloudy and warmer.

Fixed up the house, picked a goose. Thel came up and we put our car in the barn cellar.

After dinner I went up on the hill and got Ski’s 410 gun and went rabbit hunting on the place and from there over in back of Chic Hordan’s and over the common as far as Ira’s plowed land.

Tracked a dozen or so different rabbits but there is so much snow they haven’t done any running yet as there is a lot of snow on the low bushes and they all seemed to be in their holes.

Eleanor went over to town to finish up the xmas shopping.

The boss called me up at 5 PM he is staying up at Brigg’s overnight he is going back to Boston in the morning.

Put out a feeding station for the birds up on the hill.

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