Sunday, Dec. 24, 1944

359th day – 7 days follow

Wild and cloudy.

Went up on the hill and stopped in at Walders on the way back, they were having their xmas tree for Eric and David.

Dotty called up and said they won’t be down till this afternoon.

Carl Covell came in with Freddie and brought some presents, he said that Toot is home today.

Walder and Pic went to the train and got Dave, Dot, and Davene and they all got here about 3 P.M. then we all had a fine dinner, turkey and wild goose.

After dinner we had our xmas tree and gave out the presents. Everyone got some nice things.

Eleanor took Dave and his family over to Picks for the night and they are leaving for Winthrops on the early train tomorrow A.M. 

Charlie Holman was in and took Nona’s family presents.

Betty Covell and Betty Carle brought some presents in here.

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