Monday, Dec. 25, 1944

360th day – 6 days follow


We all slept late this A.M, Warm raining.

I hunted rabbits on the way up to the hill, saw none.

Stopped in at Picks on the way home, noone there.

Stopped in at the Hathaways.

I got three pipes, two one pound tins of tobacco 1½ lb on two packages and one pack of cigarettes.

George’s mother and his sisters came in and brought the baby a lot of presents.

Bob called up at 315 PM.

Thel went over to the Hathaways for a couple of hours.

Foggy all day.

Thel and I took a walk up to visit her Mother and Father for a few minutes this evening.

Tillie was up there.

The Hathaway family were all over here this evening, they had supper here and stayed till 11-15 PM.

The oil heater had to be shut off as it is leaking oil, I tried to get Lewis Briar in Carver, no luck.

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