Tuesday, Jan. 9, 1945

9th day – 356 days follow

Temp 24

Cloudy and mild weather.

This morning I went down to the Beach Club and punched a hole in the ice in the pump then boiled the water out with a bucket after I got the water low enough I tuended on the pool drain valve from the pool.

While I Was there I saw a flock of twelve crows, one meadow lark, three snow larks, a bunch of mergoners in the river, and one marsh hawk flying over the beach.

This afternoon I burned brush.

Thel and Ski went to the movies.

The radio guy says we are going to have zero weather tomorrow morning.

Caught a mouse in the pantry.

There are a lot of rabbit, squirrel and quail tracks in the snow on the hill.

Saw Ethel Rhellys on the bus and she said Arthur is back in England.

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