Friday, Feb. 9, 1945

40th day – 325 days to follow

Temp 22


Last night was the heaviest snow storm of the winter.

I went up to Aunt Tirzahs first thing this morning and they are OK, got them two gallons of oil.

There is no electricity so heater and refrigerator are all off.

The girls went over to Picks and she and the two kids came over here.

I went up on the hill and started up the fire places, the kitchen stove, and the hot water heater.

Saw a March hawk down by the brook.

Mr and Mrs H called me p at 840 PM. They said that there is more tree damage in Boston than there was during the hurricane.

 Called up Redo and he thinks the house will be safe.

Saw a large hawk on the hull.

My pines in the grover are a mess a lot of them are broken off by the weight of the snow and slews of them torn right down to the ground by the heavy snow.

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